The Playnnovation framework explores the theory of fun and the importance of incorporating play in work environments and daily life in order to fuel imagination, creativity, problem-solving abilities, cross- collaboration and emotional well-being; which are essential elements to drive Innovation.

Its core focus is play and the connection it builds among people, things and ideas, which provides innovators with the necessary competencies they need in order to drive change. Children, who are not afraid of failing, are the role models we look up to in terms of creativity, fearless exploration and innovation.

Playnnovation is a game-based hands-on experience for ideation and fast prototyping aimed at providing a safe space to improvise, imagine and be inspired. The framework brings into focus the core issues of an innovator’s journey such as limited resources, unpredictability and a continuous changing context. Through a model based on an evolving set of rules, we combine creative quiet times with hectic sprints which model real-life situations.

We explore why fun creates engagement and how playing is the best way to (un)structure ideas in order to test them out in a safe, productive and meaningful context.

Innovator’s Mindsets

Through a guided game session we take participants on a journey to unleash the potential of purposeful play by identifying the components of the innovator’s mindset within them.

During the experience participants discover how through purposeful play they can build up the skills needed in order to generate ideas, foster creativity and deliver transformation in their innovators journey.

When was the last time you played?

Join us next time at the Playnnovation playground! If you’re interested in learning more or bringing Playnnovation to your organization, get in touch: info@playnnovation.com

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