When was the last time you played?

About Us

What is Playnnovation?

Our mission is to encourage innovation through play!

The Playnnovation™ framework is a game-hands-on experience that explores the theory of fun and the importance of incorporating play in our work environments to fuel imagination, creativity, problem-solving abilities, cross-collaboration, and emotional well-being; which are essential elements for driving Innovation.


Why Playnnovation?

  • Improves understanding of the innovation process.
  • Activates the innovation mindsets.
  • Builds up innovation’s capabilities.
  • Boosts culture and drives change.
  • Facilitates strategic planning and vision generation.
  • Boosts creativity, ideation and problem-solving capabilities.
  • Improves skill-building and collaboration through play.
  • Accelerates the rate of learning and drives engagement.
  • Provides a safe space to improvise, imagine and be inspired.


Playnnovation Virtual Lab

Playnnovation™ virtual lab helps you unleash the potential of purposeful play to drive innovation within virtual collaboration environments.

Playnnovation Original

The original version is an in-person lab aimed at identifying and kick-starting the development of the mindsets required to drive innovation.

Playnnovation Explorer

The explorer version is an outdoor session aimed at unlocking hidden skills and applying the innovator’s mindset™ to any challenge.

How you can become a Playnnovator?

Attend a workshop

Further develop the mindsets needed to drive innovation. Kick-start a journey of self-discovery by identifying innovation skills and potential areas for growth. We offer a wide variety of workshop formats and versions.

Bring Playnnovation to your team or organization

Get the opportunity to bring the Playnnovation experience to your team/organization to transform your innovation and learning capabilities.

Become a Playnnovator

Contact us for more info about how to become a play advocate and drive innovation through Playnnovation

What People Say

Energy level to the max!!!

“If you need an energizer, inspiration and good connections, this lab is definitely calling for you. There are several events well organized but here you can definitely feel the passion from the organizers. I attended the “Playnnovation Lab” and they offered a superb platform and atmosphere for people to play, experiment and connect. The purpose of the team is something I can relate to and the messages the organizers are trying to convey are deeper than some might expect. I’m looking forward to the next event.” Benjamin Sung Ho – Managing Consultant

Try it out!

“When was the last time you played? It was so much fun to build the sustainable city of the future together with some innovative minds. It is all about finding connections between people, ideas and things to make innovation happen. Try it out! Thanks to the team for making this happen.” Maria Ries – Corporate Responsibility Manager

THE EVENT to attend

“The Playnnovation is THE event to attend for anyone who’s involved in developing innovative products and services or for those who simply want to understand more the subject of innovation. You are guaranteed a well- organized event, great insights and networking opportunities with a diverse group of people.” Neil Harwood – Innovation and Market Researcher

Planting the seeds of curiosity & innovation

“Excellent speakers, innovative frameworks and a space to interact with professionals from various disciplines who have the same interest in learning new skills and think differently. The Lab is very good at planting the seeds of curiosity and innovation to (re) define your professional and personal purpose” Keiko Hikichi – Senior Brand Manager

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